Bridging communication gaps for over 20 years!A Brighter Future Through Digital CommunicationsContact us Today for more information!

Bridging communication gaps for over 20 years!

We provide IT consulting for a wide range of internet communication technologies and services.

A Brighter Future Through Digital Communications

We can consult as well as assist with many of your communications needs. Our many years of industry experience allow us the ability to recommend different technologies and methodologies.

Contact us Today for more information!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Residential Services

  • IT Consulting
  • Internet Security
  • Home Networking
  • PC Services
  • Copper Cabling/ CAT3,5,6/ POTS
  • Optical Transport 1G, 10G
  • Optical /Cleaning /Polishing
  • Optical /Locating (Ruby)
  • Optical /Metering (Light-Levels)
  • Dark Fiber Splitting
  • VoIP

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Commercial Services

  • Network Engineering /IPv4 /IPv6
  • Cisco /Switching /Routing
  • L1,L2 Connectivity /VLAN /VPN
  • LAN /WAN Routing
  • FireWall /Security
  • Virtualization (VMWare)

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Internet Services

  • Email /Groupware Service
  • SMTP /POP /Active-Sync
  • Wireless Connectivity /2.4G /5G
  • Web Hosting and Design

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We provide a wide range of communication consulting services so feel free to browse or contact us for something specific. We are always available to answer any questions.

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