DMR Messaging Basics

Supported DMR Messaging Commands:

** For easier access save these under “Quick Texts” or equivalent in your radio.
*** GPS/GNSS and Telemetry data will also be forwarded on to

Command Description Topic
w 14075 Get weather report for 14075 Weather
date Get the current date and time Date
fortune Get your current fortune Fortune
l KB2XXX Lookup Callsign Query
lastheard Get a lastheard station list on the cluster Query
ping Ping your radio on the TRBO Network Query
aprs KB2XXX-7 text Send aprs data to KB2XXX-7 APRS
e sometext TMS based echo test Query



How do I send a web message to a CidComm DMR Radio via the web?

To send a DMR text message simply type in the users APRS ID and message you would like to send. Include who you are in the message so the recipient knows.

Recipient APRS ID:
Sender APRS ID:







How do I send a short message to a CidComm DMR Radio via email?

To send a DMR radio a short message simply send an email to the registered users callsign and what ever message you would like as the email message. Subjects are omitted. The page will then get routed out all of our transmitters and MicroCells to the recipient.

To register for a custom address you can use our contact page to request it.